Halal Cooking adventure

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The team's ever-present operator, Nia performs a very important role for the team. Not only is she an ambassador for Kikkoman's line of halal products, but she also serves as a well-needed comic relief whenever anybody's feeling down.


The hotshot protégé of the group. With fiery levels of self-confidence and a love for anything bold, he channels his cooking passion into mastering the grill. Watch out though… Kenji loves his intense flavors, so be prepared for a whole lotta spice!


Ichigo’s the team’s “glue”; what she brings to the table isn’t just her aptitude for cooking seafood, but a bubbly, eternally optimistic outlook on life that never fails to raise everyone’s spirits. She may get a little too hyper sometimes, and have a penchant for being a sweet tooth, but in the end of the day, everybody appreciates the vibe that the group’s youngest member brings every time.


With a figure that belies his personality, Takuya may look like an intimidating big man, but he’s got a heart of gold, and is the group’s father figure. However, just like any dad, Takuya is an advocate for healthy foods and is the de-facto expert when it comes to veggies. When he’s around, everybody behaves, out of respect for their charismatic senior.


Reserved, humble, and extremely gifted… What more can be said about the group’s most talented member? Yuri’s always in the zone and has the ability to tune out anything distracting whenever she cooks (even Ichigo’s playacting). Just like his personality, Yuri loves the simple things in food, and thus has channeled her skills into the art of noodle making.

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